Carow · Architects Plus LLC, founded in 1979, provides services in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, site and urban planning, pre-design analyses, and organizing and administrating design competitions.

The firm is led by Jay R. Carow, a former senior design associate with C.F. Murphy Associates, a 500-person firm in Chicago, and a full professor of architecture at universities in the U.S. and abroad. His work is influenced by studies under Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and close working relations with Mies disciples: Jacques Brownson, Gene Summers, and George Danforth.

Carow · Architects is noted for its fresh solutions to a wide range of design challenges. Its primary experience is with public, educational, corporate, and historical projects. Each project is carefully planned and developed to find the right balance between aesthetics and function, incorporating cost-effective solutions, respecting neighbors, and responsive to LEED requirements. We ask our clients to partner with us to make decisions that best meet their needs and their dreams. Our clients have included state and municipal entities, corporations, private developers, museums, zoos, theaters, corporations, and residential owners and managers. We have in-depth specialization in the design of educational facilities, libraries, and historical buildings; and preparing pre-design programs, financial and market analyses, and conceptual site and building alternatives.

Mr. Carow has consulted for over thirty years as an expert witness on architectural and related issues and reviewed library grant funding applications for the States of Illinois and Massachusetts. He was featured in the Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Who's Who in Building & Construction (Connecticut & Western MA).