Fairbanks Flats   
Beloit, Wiconsin


The Fairbanks Flats is one of the few remaining examples of worker housing developed as company housing for migrants from the South during the First World War. These buildings are listed as city, state, and national historic landmarks.

The four buildings each with four buildings are located on a landscaped site overlooking the Rock River two miles north of the downtown. The concrete block forms are well proportioned and simple, with cantilevered roofs over the entrance porch being the only ornamental elements.

The firm was hired to see if an appropriate and viable modern use could be found and implemented for the property and buildings. Earlier studies had recommended demolition which was rejected by the neighborhood community. The study advocated creating modern units on the interior, restoring the exterior and developing private yards and parking for each unit, and public areas with benches, winding walks, abundant landscaping and a historic display telling the significance of the historic property. Market studies proved the viability of the development and a request for proposals from developer/contractors in being issued that will implement the concept designs and plans.


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