Ge-Xin-Li Area City Axis Redevelopment   
Beijing, China

An Invited Competition|

The City of Beijing invited a selected number of architectural and planning firms to provide design concepts for both residential and commercial buildings for a major part of the city located on the historic central axis of the city that leads to the Imperial Palace and Tien An Men Square. The street is realigned to be without the present jog. The site is bounded by the Beijing - Shanghai Railroad tracks on the north and just to the north of the northeast corner of the site is located one of the major historic gateways to the city and just north of that is the Temple of Heaven.

The competition was to design one million square meters of space with 70% for residential and 30% for commercial. This would approximate the size of a city of approximately 210,000 people.

Three schemes were developed and presented by Carow ? Architects in a one week charette. Although the submission did not win the competition the schemes were hailed for the strength and ingenuity of the concepts.


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